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  • Faisal

1- I have T-Mobile Tap ( HUAWEI , U7519 ) , I have to face " Sim Card Missing " ( Error ) . in my hand set, is there any sim card issue or sim jacket fault.??
2- I want to get solution about my Mobile .
3- Reply me soon , I am waiting , I need help plzz .....

  • Anonymous

how do u do a master reset

  • suna sinha

i wan't to hear my gfs voice

  • AnonD-156149

This phone was OKAY... it has a somewhat decent web browser. The texting interface is TERRIBLE though... I had this phone for about 3 months... Then dropped it in a lake :P

  • RV

dakisst, 20 Jul 2012can i install wifi on my U7517 HUAWEIno you cannot

  • dakisst

can i install wifi on my U7517 HUAWEI

  • Akdivine

To reset ur tap phone automatically..just hold call botton,together with ur volume up botton and ur off and on botton,hold the 3 botton together then the phone will reset itself but make sure u remove the battery for few seconds before doing that and ur phone most be off.

  • Frisky

i want to add my email address but I can't

  • Sky

Please I can use the Net to download anything will you should the direction or how i will do it

  • Frisky

Please I can download anything

  • Anonymous

i need a earpic 4 my tap pls

  • alonso

nice phone but i can't see my call register any longer and can't load pictures. i tried to factory-set may b cud work but couldn't get the password


my screen touch has stopdo working nd dnt kwn wot 2

  • Agbons Godwin

A nice phone,with a very fast browsing system,it never disappoints...
Go now and get yours........thanks

  • TeamAmerica

This is a nice phone for the price-it has fm radio, cheap internet,long-lasting battery etc. However, its 2.8" screen is beaten by the Samsung Gravity Smart's which is 3.2". Also the Smart has GPS, WiFi, a slide-out keyboard and voice command, so it will soon replace my TAP phone.

  • Sammy

I can't get a ear phone/head phone for my phone

  • linc

My battery does not keep long not even 8hrs or 1 day how do i get new one since it battery is not original here in Ghana how do i get original battery?

  • Anonymous

Its a pos phone the signal can go from full to zip in 0 seconds flat you have to much and thing on it it slows down and you have to shut it off for a long time and then you turn it on and you take out the sim card and memory card out for ten minutes and it drops calls faster than at&t the speaker gives out fast and the unlock button on the side stops working all in all if you want a good phone GO SOME WERE ELSE THIS PHONE SUCKS DO NOT GET IT

  • AnonD-10658

reset code 0000

  • Tim

This is so BAD! If you want more from your phone then calling dont by this phone because you cant text with this its that slow