T-Mobile Vairy Touch

T-Mobile Vairy Touch

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  • sasarchiver

i like this fone. u get 6months free internet first of all. it says upto 2gb microsd, i have a 4gb in mine and works perfectly. i havent gone to deep into it yet but gr8 as a fone, mp3 player and videos. good value for money.

  • jay

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2010im thinking about getting this phone but does anyone know if its... morePls. dont. rubbish phone, very light and feels very cheap. reception is very poor and volume vary bad. IGNORE THIS PHONE.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Jan 2010this phone was a real disappointment and t-mobile should be more... morego to www.mobile9.com they have stuff 4 fone

  • Anonymous

you want downloads go to mobile9.com they have loads of good stuff

  • Anonymous

any one who wants to buy this fone dont becase you can not download any thing ie pics games tones music this fone is a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT dont do what i did i bought one its rubbish t mobile should get there act together if they want to keep customers

  • cloe

D.F6, 24 Jan 2010Hi, I've just got hold of this phone. I got a ringtone and mess... morehow do u hide the bar thing across the middle?

  • alecia

have d white one and it so stupid,i wouldnt advice anyone to buy it.. stupid features...........

  • Anonymous

im thinking about getting this phone but does anyone know if its easy to use or if its even a good phone??
and can it be bought without a sim?
would it work on o2??
thanks x

  • cass

terrable phone stupid grey bar recks it

  • Janey

Can anybody please let me know how to transfer my pictures taken on the phone to my computer (which is mac program)
I have plugged the lead in and nothing automatically comes up on my comp, and i have also trawled through the pictures to see if there is options to transfer, but there is nothing!!


  • pete

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2010hi i am thinkin og gettin this phone, but want to know a few thi... morethe vairy touch comes in black/siver/white.
the white and chrome one is reel cute.
as for the texting, if you have used a nokia and foud how simple and quick it is to text then you will find the vairy touch will drive you right up the wall.overall this phone would make a very good paperweight or door wedge......pete

  • pete

looks good, feels good and im sorry thats were it ends its all down hill from here. the touch screen, well its not so much touch it does need a dam good prod so good if you like knocking your phone about. next. this text thing, to be honest after messing with it for an hour or so the phone did get quite knocked about, the ezi text, not ezi it does your head in and the handwriting thing i dont think the vairy touch can understand english and finaly were is the qwerty key pad found, oh yes on the computer cos i sure cant find it in the phone. to sum up if you want a touch screen/ease of use/easy texting. my advise is spend a little more and buy a different phone.

  • Anonymous

azza, 21 Feb 2010yes one ringtoneif someone sends u a song can u set it as ur ringtone??

  • azza

Anonymous, 20 Feb 2010does vairy touch has a ringtones?yes one ringtone

  • Anonymous

does vairy touch has a ringtones?

  • Kaaayleeeh

How Do You Get Java On This Phone?

  • sinead

adzii, 26 Dec 2009Keyboard has dissapeared and have no idea how to get it back, Wh... morewell if you go onto the messaging then at the bottom of the screen there is a little box with lots of little squares click on that and it shuld bring up the keyboard hope thatsolves ur probllem

  • Anonymous

mike21, 26 Dec 2009Hi can anyone tell me how to remove the bar that goes right acro... moreU cant move it .

  • dyno

Anonymous, 01 Feb 2010hi i am thinkin og gettin this phone, but want to know a few thi... moreWell when you unlock the phone you click the centre button and then you are on the menu when that comes up you see he first options are messaging, calling call etc. then you click on messages after you tilt the screen and then it is a easy way to text .Hope i have been help

  • moco

how to install games on him