TCL 10 Pro

TCL 10 Pro

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  • Anonymous

Overpriced compared to the prior TCL plex.

I think Xiaomi Mo Note 10 much better than this 100 times
Better proceccor snap 730G
Bigger battery 5260 mah
Better camera absolutely no compare with Xiaomi 108 mp camera and telephoto lenses and 50x zoom

  • Jord

the screen is pretty bad

  • Juma

Why it doesn't have gorilla glass protection?

  • RajMeister

Indianapolis, 18 Aug 2020I believe this is the only phone currently sold in the US w... moreThis phone is highly available through-out UK & EU as well.

  • le pieg

any water and dust proof certification?

  • Indianapolis

I believe this is the only phone currently sold in the US with an IR transmitter. I've already used mine several times to control TV's when I was out and about (usually to turn them down or off). That's worth something.

  • Mahmoud

For a new device on the market is expensive

  • Anonymous

This should be $299. Good USA phone at that price point. At $450 it’s junk

  • Mohammad Shoaib

It would have been better if the fingerprint sensor was behind it

  • Kid

I'll go for nokia 8.3 5g rather than this $450 TCL

okay, AMOLED display and 2 LED flashes and quad camera setup and sd 675 for $/€400?
no thanks. realme 6 pro, RN8Pro and RN9Pro all have the best CPU and quad camera setup, yes, they have an IPS display, but only if you were not to know anything about phones you'd buy it...
CPU > display/features, in my opinion, because paying this much for this CPU is a rip-off..

  • Special-K

looks like a Xiaomi screen, ex : mi note 10

  • Anonymous

Mandingo, 24 Jun 2020If only if it has a better processor, id buy it.Look at the xiaomi Note 10 Lite

  • Emma

love it! amazing design and display!

  • Dometalican

sq2013, 17 May 2020I don't think anyone that knows anything about phones will ... moreEvery one of those suggestions you listed, doesn't work in the US. Living in the US, you kind of have to pick this phone over those. Lol.

At least the price did drop.

  • Mandingo

If only if it has a better processor, id buy it.

  • Techx

jco83, 02 Jun 2020What about £340 + a free TV from Argos ? 😊 still not worth it (depends on quality of tv they offering)

  • Anonymous

Processer looks old one

  • Anonymous

this phone shouldnt even sell past £200 as it not worth it