TCL 20 5G

TCL 20 5G

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Happy owner of these phone.

  • Anonymous

Two weeks before i purchased TCL 20 5G mobile from Jarir store, planned to go for grey color piece, unfortunately not available & jarir staff he suggested to buy display unit grey color. i also purchased with in 14 days mobile display is gone. & i have visited Jarir Khurais branch and requested for replacement but the service officer refused and he said that he will take a service request for repair.. still not yet received very very bad experience ( With in period of 20.08.2021 to 04.09.2021)

  • Anonymous

Viper, 15 May 2021If we compare with other 5G Mobiles out their the prizes ar... moreI live in the UK - this phone seems to be bundled with Android 10 - I dont know if this will be upgraded to Android eleven. I cant find info atm about this. Appreciate if you know anything about this. Thanks, Alex.

  • Anonymous

Does it have any screen protection? Like gorilla glass?

  • Fabio

I got one from Fido (Canada) more than a month ago, the phone is nice, screen is really good, camera is ok/good, but I am having a lot of headaches with apps getting killed. From the alarm (Alarm Clock xtreme) to Web Alert app, apparently anything that is not stock or usual application gets killed by the task manager. This is really annoying, tried disabling everything that could be disabled, from battery optimization to memory manager, everything that supposedly kills background tasks, still I can't get the apps to run reliably for more than a day or so. On top of that some apps won't get push notifications (news apps). I get push notifications on my old phone but not on the TCL. I am really frustrated with this phone.

  • Viper

If we compare with other 5G Mobiles out their the prizes are bit higher then if you compare with TCL20 has 5G / Android 11 / 4K / 256GB Rom / 6GB RAM what else we required.
I think its better to Have best deal.

  • Viper

Higher Android 11-T20 but only 6GB Ram, compare to T10-Android 10 with 8GB Ram, why if Android 11 comes with same 8GB Ram much Batter.

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Freaking almost May and USA has not even got the android 11... moreWho cares android 10 is more than enough

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Apr 2021Are you in USA? Okay then. So stop bragging.Freaking almost May and USA has not even got the android 11 on TCL 10L.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2021You're wrong actually my TCL 10 L has Android 11 for q... moreAre you in USA? Okay then. So stop bragging.

  • fotis

Best for the price 199 at Greece. But at the phone no exist radio fm, as the gsmarena site wrote at the specifications.

  • Anonymous

Does it have Li-PO or LI-ion battery?

  • Anonymous

Alpha8900, 27 Nov 2020This phone is a joke- No telephoto camera,8mp front camera,... moreWell, don't buy it then why you complaining if you don't wanna buy it?? Go away

  • Anonymous

Tintumon, 11 Jan 2021Everything fantastic Never going to get SOFTWARE UPDATESYou're wrong actually my TCL 10 L has Android 11 for quite some time now.

Is the screen good compare to other lcd. Specs look boring since it was a "TV" company I thought they gonna put some good panel like Sharp put an IGZO panel with 1440p resolution compare to this 1080p...

  • Neb

polarbear, 28 Feb 2021where to buy?Argos UK

  • polarbear

where to buy?

  • Gyn

headphone jackkkkkkkkkkkkkk

That background kind of makes it look like the screen is Jerry rigged! XD

  • Tintumon

Everything fantastic
Never going to get SOFTWARE UPDATES