TCL 30

TCL 30

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  • AnonD-1065015
  • nEU
  • 01 Feb 2023

Richardc1992, 08 Oct 2022Terrible wifi only supports 2.4ghz its infuriating -ly slow... moreReally? Mine connects to my 5ghz

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    • Mj2
    • 18 Jan 2023

    i had a nokia8. that didnt support wificalling so i bought a moto e32s, It was terribly slow and i didnt observe before buying it that is didnt have nfc. But luckilly i dropd it and the screen shattered. So i bought a new phone.: The TCL30 and its super fast. i hear others dont observe the same but im really pleased with the performance. android 12, nfc, wificalling, amoled, biometrics ect. Who needs more? Its a thumbs up from this owner. I see many of you that comment is non-owners... hard to have a hands on opinion, dont you think? ..I..

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      • Richardc1992
      • RnS
      • 08 Oct 2022

      Terrible wifi only supports 2.4ghz its infuriating -ly slow internet

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        • Anonymouse
        • m2A
        • 28 Jul 2022

        A customer just came to my shop to get a screen protector for this model (Samsung A11 TG was the best fit we had).
        She was so impressed with the speed of the phone! She had come from a Vodafone low-end handset, so for people with older budget models, this is a good upgrade option.
        I flicked through the menu for a minute - it seemed like your average budget Android - not good for me or anyone used to higher specs.

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          • Anonymous
          • mHm
          • 18 May 2022

          brought one second hand sold it straight away was to laggy for my liking

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            • Anonymous
            • 7Xc
            • 26 Apr 2022

            Anonymous, 18 Apr 2022Can it run PUBG Mobile?? It will obviously lag not only because its a low end soc but also 4gb & slow emmc storage will drag it down further.

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              • Anonymous
              • atL
              • 18 Apr 2022

              Can it run PUBG Mobile??

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                • GeeX
                • IWS
                • 21 Mar 2022

                Glad to see budget category also updated to OLED technology..and stereo speakers..wish they could have adopted MTK G80 or G90 with some price hike.

                  I guess it'll be a cheap endurant phone with AMOLED, nothing too fancy but pretty unique actually.