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  • Ozluturk
  • J8B
  • 22 Dec 2023

I bought it for my kid and it was big mistake. In games multitouch is not working. Then I sent it to service. My device was under guarente when i sent it. They checked it and said to me everything is fine. They. Also checked another tab10s and they were same.It is a bullshit. Tcl is the worst service I have ever seen. Now my kid is unhappy about that. He cant play any game with it. It is a garbage. If there is a common problem they have to change all the devices with a new one. So now when someone says TCL i tell them do not waste your money.

    • J
    • th1
    • 21 Dec 2023

    Hello I'm adem I have a problem in tcl tab 10s not working multi touch please fix it. I think there because in update because I have a two tablet same tcl tab 10s same not working multi touch I tablet it's brand new please make a new update for tcl tab10s. I HOPE YOU READ THIS. THANK YOU

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      • Dj
      • gML
      • 05 Sep 2023

      Anonymous, 30 Dec 2021Hi! I buy this New and and fill it a screen protec glass i... moreHow does it work in present time ??
      And it work or not pls ans me 🙏
      In this time I thought by this product.
      So pls kindly ans me 🙏🙏

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        • Anonymous
        • En1
        • 27 May 2023

        Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021my review after one month of using it: There is very basic... moreTCL UI is close to stock Android

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          • elhewety
          • XI$
          • 02 Apr 2023

          Not good Material ..
          I face a problem in the socket after only 4 month..
          and they told me its out of grantee because its due to use .. and it will cost 70% of its price.

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            • Anonymous
            • x{6
            • 20 Jan 2023

            Got mine since it was on sale. got it for only about $110. no keyboard and case included, just the unit and the stylus. all in all Happy with the unit mainly used for watching videos and surfing. not recommended if you will use it for gaming, a bit laggy on software.

            camera is okay
            picture quality is good
            battery life superb

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              • kiran
              • XPB
              • 12 Jul 2022

              Is there any chance to upgrade the ram?

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                • Anonymous
                • MZV
                • 30 Dec 2021

                Anonymous, 01 Oct 2021my review after one month of using it: There is very basic... moreHi! I buy this New and and fill it a screen protec glass i yer same problem on Games and i remove glass the problem is solved ... (Btw i sry my bad eng)

                  This is just junk compared to the Lenovo M10 FHD plus I just bought, it already has 4gb/64gb and the docking station included. Much cheaper too.

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                    • Anonymous
                    • S2S
                    • 01 Oct 2021

                    my review after one month of using it:
                    There is very basic palm rejection oon some apps like squid and one note
                    but I recommend just getting a glove and drawing or writing
                    and the screen looks good but the brightness is terrible
                    and the TCL UI Software is horendous and it needs a lot of work
                    and one major problem aswell is the touch on the screen if you are playing a game and you drag a joystick with one finger and touch any other part of the screen with another the first touch will disconnect for half a seconed and come back and that's enough for the joy stick to go back to it's original position and that's a software bug and not a hardware issue because I was able to recreate the issue using a wireless controller without touching the screen with two fingers so it's a software problem and makes every game that has movment using a virtal joystick unplayable so you can't play pubg or cod so I hope they will fix this issue in futre update

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                      • Anonymous
                      • GRN
                      • 28 Jul 2021

                      WiFi keeps on disconnecting