iPhone 6 docs confirm 128GB version, no sign of 32GB

21 August, 2014

A leaked technical document listing the iPhone 6 NAND flash modules suggests Apple will launch the phone in 16GB, 64GB and 128GB flavors. Gone is the 32GB memory option with the 64GB one sitting in its place.

According to the leak, Toshiba and Hynix will provide the 16GB NAND flash chips. Hynix will also be responsible for a portion of the 64GB NAND chips alongside SanDisk. The largest, 128GB memory will carry Toshiba branding.

This is a strong indication that Apple doesn't bet too much on selling a lot of 128GB iPhone 6 models. Pricing of the company's flagship with such internal memory isn't specified either.

You may remember that shortly before launching the iPhone 5s, Apple was rumored to offer the phone in a 128GB flavor, but this didn't happen. We'll see if the 128GB iPhone 6 will finally bring the long-awaited capacity boost.