TECNO Camon 12

TECNO Camon 12

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  • Akpos Akpos

My camon 12 is 4GM ram but only few music the phone is telling me no much space why that

  • Gifty

I can't hear what my callers are saying unless I put the phone on speaker

  • Emilly Silver Smith

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2020Is canon12 hotit's Camon 12
not canon12
what's the point of looking at a phone specification if you can't even spell it!

  • Wizzy

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2020Android 10 update? Please let me know if it can be updated.... moreNo it can't

  • Moskeeys

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2020My camon 12 just became dull suddenly what could be the problemAll works and no play makes camon 12 a dull phone 😁😁

  • Anonymous

My camon is gud but recently it has issues when am on a call it changes to flight mode or it goes to another page making it difficult to end the call in time,How can I rectify it?

  • Good luck

My camon has of recently started blocking my incoming calls what should i do?

  • Anonymous

Ronald, 30 Jul 2020My Tecno camon 12 doesn't make a call😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ronald

Junior, 01 Jul 2020I'm trying to make a phone but my Camon 12 has refused... moreMy Tecno camon 12 doesn't make a call

  • Anonymous

Power button won't turn phone on
Please help

  • Anonymous

Original, 28 Jul 2020Camon 12 is very Good phone, but the only problem I'm ... moreOpen the sound settings and then turn on the "Also vibrate for calls" And you will start getting vibrations during calls. But know that it drains battery very fast if you take calls frequently.

  • Mosee

My phone delays texts and sometimes my calls are not going through, kindly help

  • Anonymous

Sami, 23 Jul 2020Tell me is camon 12 air not charge when its on?Is canon12 hot

  • Original

Camon 12 is very Good phone, but the only problem I'm facing is that, it doesn't vibrate whenever I put it on vibration

  • Sami

Tell me is camon 12 air not charge when its on?

  • Abbas

Wooow Camon 12 is Amazing, I love this phone so much it kills me any time I'm operating it.
Thanks you people

  • Zohaib iqbal

Phone not charging g problem

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2020I'm using camon 12 to play a soccer game but it doesn't app... moreReinstall the game its from the game

  • Ivyson

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2020When i play voice text my mob screen became off what should I doI just orderd for camon 12 from amazon hope the phone is good?

  • Anonymous

My phone is behaving as if calls are barred. I can't receive calls but I only make calls