Tecno Phantom X

Tecno Phantom X

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Hugely impressed with this phone.....except for the chipset.

Donbenie, 25 Jun 2021Helio G95? Like seriously? Helio G95 is enough powerfull SoC. Drawback is just 12nm .otherwise very good Soc

  • Godbless

I think the phone lies somewhere between mid-range and upper mid range. It's nowhere near premium. And the price should be looked out for

Helio G95?

Like seriously?

PMKLR3m, 24 Jun 2021How can g95 handle 4k 60fps?Probably an error, the G95 can only record 4K/30.

  • Ck

Why is it that tecno phones doesn't have nfc

  • Anonymous

Good but no NFC

I think it would be better with
Snapdragon 765g or 750g even 720 Maybe they can use dimnsty 900
120 hz instead of 90 but i will go for it because they gave amoled
Battery 5000mah is way better maybe they could give faster charger but 33 still nice

Snapdragon 765 could have been more great on it

  • El eriquo

Good midrange specs, would love to feel this device before promoting it.

  • Anonymous

OIS, no?

How can g95 handle 4k 60fps?

  • Anonymous

I mean if they, at Tecno, were going for an older Mediatek processor for their "flagship" phone, why not Dimensity 820?

But I suppose even the Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro and realme 8 Pro aren't 5G capable either. I reckon this Tecno phone could've done better in the market if it got released prior to the two. Tecno isn't as competitive as the two. It's charging with prices like Oppo and Vivo.

Like seriously?
You call a phone with Helio G95 (12nm) a premium phone in 2021?

  • Sev

Finally a sizeable phone from tecno/infinix grp. Expect them to go even smaller that we consumers can at least think of to buy

  • Anonymous

joe nodden, 24 Jun 2021"Hey why don't we put these pretty solid flagship... morechipset isn't confirmed right now

  • Anonymous

Need to see it

lower than 159mm
even (Dimensity 820) its good

  • Adam

awesome phone!

  • Moon

All Tecno mobiles are good, only those mid-range mobiles should also have super amoled display .

"Hey why don't we put these pretty solid flagship specs on a phone then absolutely CRIPPLE it with a godawful chipset?" -Tecno

Like with their lower end phone priced at $334 you already know this is gonna be way more overpriced.