Tecno Spark 5

Tecno Spark 5

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  • Sadique
  • Nug
  • 11 May 2020

Am not enjoying techno as I expect, I recently bought pouvoir 3 LB7 to replace my Samsung Galaxy Avànt unfortunately the techno doesn't work effectively as my Samsung. The techno can not run some important applications, eg azan does not play when it is time and so many other thing I can't enjoy in the phone

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    • Anyanwu chidubem
    • Nu6
    • 10 May 2020

    Wilmas, 10 May 2020Still the same no upgrade form it predators This person a... morethe phone fine

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      • Wilmas
      • r3H
      • 10 May 2020

      Still the same no upgrade form it predators
      This person are doing business changing the design and body

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        • Jossy910
        • Nu6
        • 10 May 2020

        Fhavour, 08 May 2020It should have been 3-4gb ramOnly a fool will fall for this the only difference between this and its predecessor is just the design. The processor ram and memory are all the same.

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          • TFCarin
          • CAy
          • 09 May 2020

          The Spark 5 should have at least 3Gb of memory. Else it's not very different of the 4!

            Yet another rebranded device. This device is yet another poor release from TECNO, it's basically the Spark 3 Pro with added nonsense cameras and a punch-hole cutout for the selfie cam. Always with the same old approach to the market, they fail to realize that consumers now are paying attention to what they are buying, not just buying devices because of beefier batteries or looks. The chip is trash, even the one on their latest mid-range offering, the Camon 15 Premier, is also trash. A Hello P35 is an outdated chip to say the least, couple that with the fact that oc the Camon 15 series, only the Pro and Premier releases sport a 1080p resolution screen. Never again am I purchasing on a whim, I have two of their devices, a Phantom 9 and a Spark 3 Pro; to say the least, rubbish chip coupled with a rubbish combo of nonsense cameras on both, I have the perfect waste of my money.
            Oh, and don't forget the lack of software support, only the Spark 3 Pro got an Android upgrade, mostly because it was beta listed from March of 2019. No more.

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              • Fhavour
              • XBA
              • 08 May 2020

              It should have been 3-4gb ram

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                • Fhavour
                • XBA
                • 08 May 2020

                Adul Al Salami Kebab, 07 May 2020This phone is built for battery endurance! :DThe phone design is good...the chipset is bad,should be using mediatek p35.camera ain't good enough.. just the battery

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                  • Adul Al Salami Kebab
                  • pcL
                  • 07 May 2020

                  This phone is built for battery endurance! :D

                    120 euros for 5000 mAh 2GB ram and 32GB disk space souds like a fair price.

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                      • Anonymous
                      • gAj
                      • 05 May 2020

                      Dede, 04 May 2020New comer?Not really, no

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                        • Dede
                        • tDF
                        • 04 May 2020

                        New comer?

                          do not buy weird cheap mediatek phones please