Telit G80

Telit G80

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  • mary

the best super raritat

  • Anonymous

telit phones are the weirdest phone ive ever seen

  • chuck norris

this is a ghostbuster phone from eagan splinter.

  • R@K(B

i love this phone ........

  • Nel

wow i can use this as my rocket on table tennis...

  • kay

strange tv remote

  • mic

like a remote control.....

  • Roli - Oradea

This phone = 0 , design = 0 , performance/features = 0 , compared to my N95 :))

  • totty t

i love my phone still ... in get all the guys ...

  • Anonymous

The Telit G80 is a prime software phone rich with features so i dont think any of u know what ur talking about,

I know this cause I work for Telit and I also have the pleasure of owning one,

This phone keeps me warm at night, so keep you N95 and iphone, this is it for me.

Yours Truly.

  • XEN

hmmm...I'm pretty sure that after I've read the entire number of comments about it there are people who complain that the phone "sucks" well...maybe the people who do not know how to use it "suck" the phone is good...I'm not saing that because I have one...( I mean why should I when I'm the owner of a mobile phone service) but because despite the shape,size and form it has, this phone is actually a GOOD MOBILE...

  • XEN

Well...this phone is highly precise but the bad thing about it is that the hands-free (or amplified mode) is rather weak as volume. It is a very interresting phone because it has that sort of "hammer shape" but that's ok with me...I'm hasving this phone for 4 years now and it served me well...I really like this mobile...It is much more usefull,compared to the other exemplaries from it's productive company (brand). Maybe someday other companies will do a simillar phone...with the same utilities and features...I'd expect to see them made by IBM (they should reprofile in mobile phones...not PC's...because they might have better success).

  • Knappen

Yeah those phones are crap and this phone is the best.. especially seeing it doesn't have shit, sure it's attention-grabbing but come on, it's all it's for, this phone is crap.

  • stupid

this is the great phone i ever had. i received it as a gift from my girl friend. we got a same phone! this phone is attention grabber!!! i'd rather choose this phone than nokia, se, lg, moto, etc... they are CRAP!!!!

  • Anonymous

What did you all say when they released the swiss army knife? Oh, what is the use of that.. blah blah blah. Have you never had a time where u needed to simply bonk someone on the head with something? well this is the item to do it with. Now at the same time u can check the best air pressure and altitude to do it in!! When u've killed them, u can drive away in your wallpaper!

  • adi

is this a hammer or a phone?


Who has manual or documentations for that telephone, please send to my e-mail.

  • icarus

whata hell is that! a remote? i bet that the back side comes with a pike...

  • megatron

if you think about it this phone is quite cool. granted i would not sell my phone to get this one but then agian my phone is way awesome. lg v! anway this phone is the shiz

  • st

does it have a parking meter function too, ugly catastrophe!