Telit G83

Telit G83

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  • oscar

wath is the photo editor donde esta?

  • assia

the phone is good but battery life is short,i don't fid any accessories for it, it must include the usb cable

  • hassan mahamad hegaz

the phone good idont know soft waerg83

  • hassan m hegazy

i need soft waer

  • hassan m hegazy

soft waer

  • Anonymous

i am from egypt !! i have this phone telit g83 but it softwear are beocken if some one know how i can get it pleace tell me it is realy great phone thank you all

  • Stef

I have this type of mobile and I can't figure out how can I enable the internet. My type of mobile is not diplayed at Please help me someone. I'll be thankful. Please send me a mesage on my adress. Thank You !

  • mohamed abdalah

what i see this is agreat phone & iwill get it in avery short time it is very sheap comparing with it"s options &it is available

  • alec

bad phone! i bought it! the battery is... it can't resist not even 3-4 days! the is bad too! but... for 50euro (that žs how much it cost me on a discount session) is a... good deal! anyway... don't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • c_z_j

plz iwant to buy this mob can eny one help me & give me email u..

  • Alberto

No support here in Mexico, no one knows where to get the data cable, the phone cost me around $100 (dollar) and ordering the data cable from italy is about $30 plus shipping haha! that's thieving, a java app makes the java menu get frozen... I posted the problem to telit but i haven't received the answer...
But... it just a great phone... but without java i fell sad :(
If someone has a way to reset the phone or just erase it's memory would be appreciated

  • Cat

What kind of java games are compatible with this phone???i just can't find any...Can you help me ???my messenger adress is:reaper_nwa

  • Neeraj Tilwankar

I am in India. I purchased it from local Market. It is very good phone in all area which I used it. but the problem is that data cable is not supplied to me... how can i purchase it in India.

tell me how can we use WAP browser in it...
I want to purchase a data cable for telit g83 and how much price in Indian Rupees..

  • vatrai

it's a good phone , but don't let the memory be full with pictures !!! It can be fatal That's what happent with my phone It's very resistent on shocks to ! I've "tested" that many times ( by mistake )
Vatrai from Rmania

  • Fabio

how much memory(mb)to put photos, games,...? How can i send the photos taken in the phone to the Computer? Is this a good buy? Please respond!! (I'm from Portugal)

  • a_man

The phone it's produced in Romania.. take off the battery and take a look :)

However i think the phone can be purcashed just from Italy...

  • michele

you find it just in italy. price good: 99 euros!!! nice pictures and good screen.

  • mindaugas

haw can i by thet telephone,and haw much does it cost.thank you. telital g83

  • Anonymous

wow, comparable to e365

  • VeVe

Is this phone availible????...i mean..u that bought it ....where did u find it...
I would buy it..(very cheap) and see how good it is...then pass it to my girlfriend or sumthin'