Telit GM 882

Telit GM 882

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  • Ryu

I want to know more about telital gm 882

  • Anonymous

Very ugly, indeed.

  • salut1988

The phone sucks!!! Don't buy it!!! The batery is weak.It lasts 2 days or less.I had one and it didn't lasted half a year.It looks cool but everything else sucks.

  • mircea

hello.we have one for sale new at our store at 48euro.i myself had telit 880 with mms,email,4096colours.everything was ok,the only problem was that the battry was weak and email over pop3 only somtetimes worked.this model seems to be ok for the money you pay for it

  • mizan

i want to know the price of telit gm882

  • Chris

Hello. Only saying something here because no one has for almost 2 years!


Has anyone bought one yet. It loks quite distinctive without being (i love myself NOKIA). The size also appears to be correct, ie, not too small. Does the LED on the fascia flash faster when you receive a text message etc? Are they available in the UK?


This GSM is very good

  • Dragusin Alexandru

Hy.Its me.I am contact you to theel your company I want a Telit GM 882.It is for me. I theel you I have a Telit GM 410.I am waiting your mesages.