Telit GU1100

Telit GU1100

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  • danilot28

it is the first mobil phone that i bought from new whith my money and after 1 year the battery is gone,but surly becouse i used it like a modem for the pc for all day long!!!! its imposible to find a new battery this is the only one problem whit this phone!!!

  • asif khan

i have a problem when i start my mobile so there appear a word name recovering then mobile restart so what can i do please help me my mobile is pantech gu-1100
thank you in advance

  • haris hameem

i brought this phone one month ago its work fine from last week it dosn't show Call Records like (Missed Calls, Dial Numbers, Received Calls, All Calls etc) what am i want to do for this please send me reply

  • Gareth

is this phone available in philippines? coz it is cute like panasonic x300......... :)

  • Anonymous

I am quite happy whith this phone. The only thing that annoy me is that there are no games and that is not possible to load them with the software provided. I couldn't download anyone even via wap. I don't Know wy.

  • Anonymous

I will talk abat anader fone not dis ane, i talk abat GM810 wich is best fone 4evar

Dis is da gret fonhe. Its was prodced form electrics in old soviet (CCCP, SSSR, USSR) batleships in Balkan nation of Croatia (balkans is otder najme for Yugoslavia). Dats mins theri relible and praktikal unbrekabele. Dis fone has other gret fumckvions like green color wich was partikly unnown in dose days. It also has fankcion thats caled Dialing, so you can call other ppls whic is gret. And u can send SMS to other ppl.

My konlkdusion is: This was best fonhe out there at it time, so iven todej you can buyit bekause it has alk funkacions an d its a great pjonr.