Telit t130

Telit t130

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  • AnonD-84571

First post of 2014!

It was sold under Brand of GTX-Huawei in Iran.
Price was 300,000 IRR = 30 USD
Antenna was full in any place across Iran from Persian Gulf 0m to Damavand Heights 4000m.
On that time Antenna coverage was an issue thanks to lack of coverage for all phones. Nokia was best phone thanks to 60% antenna coverage.

instead of "Telit" title below the display, It's Written "Huawei"

  • sharthak

first comment this year

  • da bawss

first comment in 4 years

  • Anonymous

wow such a KEWL mobile, beats n-series ;)

  • Nikki

Hi can someone please tell me how much they bought this phone from and in which country, also some feedback.

  • Horse Boy

Dual Band, ezy spell, AND a watch. Doesn't get any better than this.

  • Dragos

Hey , guys , did you`ve noticed ? this phone has a WATCH :))