Google Pixel camera's lead developer is now working on a camera app with Adobe

Ro, 21 July 2020

Marc Levoy is the man behind the excellent computational photography that made Pixels famous. He and his team worked on the Night Sight feature, HDR+ and Portrait Mode without requiring a second camera for depth sensing. Well, Marc is now with Adobe and is working on an exciting new project - a universal camera app.

The engineer behind Pixel's camera is now working on a camera app with Adobe

What "universal" means is that almost anyone with a smartphone could take advantage of Adobe's app.

For now, Adobe's giving little details on the project, but we have little doubt that we will be hearing more about it in the future.



Reader comments

  • StopPortraitVideo

If they would just fix the horrid portrait video problem & make it so no matter how stupidly people hold their phones it will always shoot in proper landscape aspect ratio.

Well, that's good news. A good competitor to the GCam app that I have to sideload install from XDA.

  • Steve


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