The first document viewer for Android devices is finally here

3 April, 2009

Well, well, what do we have here? Meet the first (working) document viewer/editor for all Android devices. An app like that was bound to pop up and the first one is up on the Android market – "Documents-To-Go".

Not that long ago we reviewed the T-Mobile G1 and we somehow disliked the fact that this smartphone doesn't offer any a office document viewer (let alone editor). It was just a matter of time of course before the first apps to fill the gap start popping up.

We don't normally write about new apps unless they enhance the basic functionality of the mobile platforms. With "Documents To Go" and Android OS it just seems to be the case.

Documents-To-Go by DataViz fills both the document viewer AND editor gap in Android OS by allowing viewing and creating of MS Word and Excel files. MS Office 2007 file formats are also supported.

Among the other goodies is the support for rich formatting (including italics, bold, font color, underline, tables, etc.) and the displaying of footnotes, endnotes and changes tracking.

Or if you prefer to use Excel, you’ll be able to use 111 functions along with cell formatting, auto-fit options, cut, copy, paste and many more.

The only downside is that you have to spare some good 30 US dollars for it. Or if you're quicker, you may get it for the promotional price of 20 US dollars.

Now while 30 bucks sound as a perfectly reasonable price for an application like that, we still can't get over the lack of a free document viewer in Android OS by default.



Reader comments

  • Anonymous

Bet you're happy you didn't spend $10 huh 😂

  • Fakuryu

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  • Iphone_love

The Iphone is more than just a phone. It's a life changing experience and style-acknowledgement device. It incorporates the best breed technology (at that time, except maybe for the camera) and mixed with one of the most flexibel and beautiful OS a...

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