The first Samsung Galaxy Note5 ad goes live

Stefan, 15 August, 2015

Samsung released the first TV ad for the freshly announced Samsung Galaxy Note5. The flagship phablet will hit the shelves in the United States in less than a week, on August 21.

Unsurprisingly, the ad focuses on Samsung Galaxy Note5’s two biggest highlights. The latter include brand new design language, as well as the product family-defining S Pen.

You can find out more about Samsung Galaxy Note5 in our detailed first look.

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-142922

There is nothing new on this.. Only taken..

  • AnonD-191319

Couldn't help but notice the ad at the top "the rise dominance and epic fall - a brief look at Nokia's history." Is Samsung and the Note story next?

  • Alex

This the first TV ad? I just saw one on the weekend with Chrissy Tiegen playing with the Note 5 and 6 Edge.

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