The Galaxy Note7 debacle didn't hurt Samsung's reputation in the USA

Kaloyan, 21 November 2016

The latest survey conducted in all 50 US states shows some interesting discoveries about Samsung's brand in the country. Even though Samsung's name was all over the news and papers for quite some time over the Galaxy Note7 debacle, its reputation remains unhurt in the weeks to follow.

Latest Reuters/Ipsos survey outs some interesting numbers - among the people who knew about the recall 27% would still consider a Samsung smartphone. About 25% of the people who didn't know about the scandal will do the same. This means Samsung's brand is about as popular as it was before the Note7 recall, if not better.

Among the polled people, 91% of the current Samsung users would buy another Samsung smartphone in the future. That's the same fierce loyalty as Apple's where 92% of its users are sticking to the iPhone.

The best news for Samsung, though, is that 92% of all people to participate in the poll, are likely to buy a Samsung product in general.

According to Jan Dawson of Jackdaw Research, the reason behind the kept trust is the rather early recall and the overall limited negative experience.

Dawson continues, "Your own personal experience trumps what you read and what people tell you," which sounds right more than ever, especially after the Election Day in the USA.

So, it's rather safe to say Samsung's name has remained undamaged after the Note7 recall, the overblown stories about S7 phones catching fires, and even after the recent 2.8 million washing machines recall.



Reader comments

  • Jarret

Samsung Note7 was a nightmare. Hoping that Samsung does better with the next Note to kill iPhone8

  • Anonymous

i have a note 7 but samsung in my country refused to refund or exchange my phone coz i bought it aboard. my note 7 is sealed in a metal box. i wont buy another samsung i wasted $900 nice job samsung

  • AnonD-126854

Actually America voted this time against the Status Quo, and its media. (and this article just confirmed the trend)

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