UK carriers start taking Galaxy S III mini pre-orders

12 October, 2012

The Galaxy S III mini was announced just yesterday, but itís already available for pre-order from three of Britain's major carriers.

This means that you can get the Samsung smartphone for free as long as you are willing to sign a two-year contract. The cheapest Vodafone contract that gets you a shinny new Galaxy S III mini for zilch costs £25/month. If Orange or O2 are your carrier of choice, you need £26/month or £27/month contract, respectively, to get a free mini.

There are cheaper plans, too, starting from £15.50/month, but you'll have to pay £199.99 to have the Samsung Galaxy S III mini on them. You can always opt for the SIM-free device, but it will set you back £300.

To sweeten up the deal, Phones 4U is throwing free Pebble MP3 players for the first 350 pre-orders.

The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is expected to start shipping in the beginning of November.