Galaxy Z Fold3 will be Samsung's first phone with under display cam, report explains how it's done

Peter, 19 November 2020

Last month we heard claims that Samsung is planning to introduce its first under-display camera (UDC) with the Galaxy Z Fold3 (and that the Galaxy S21 phones will miss out on this feature). Now a new report from ETNews reinforces those.

An industry insider says that Samsung Display has developed a screen that will support UDC. The gap between pixels was made wider to allow light to pass through. Even so, special algorithms are needed to correct the image as light is refracted by the OLED display layer. The camera module will be supplied by Samsung LSI.

Only the area over the camera lens has wider gaps as that affects the display’s image quality. Here’s a macro shot of the Axon 20 screen, which uses a similar approach for its under display camera.

A macro shot of the Axon 20 display over the under-display camera
A macro shot of the Axon 20 display over the under-display camera

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 is expected to be unveiled in the third quarter of 2021. The adoption of UDC will help solidify its position as the new flagship (while the Galaxy Note lines are getting merged).

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Reader comments

  • Anonymous

lets hope it will be a round area of the screen and not square, because if not will look worse then the punch hole

  • PiCosm

How will you be able to cover the camera? Hopefully, when it's on, a feint ring will appear around the virtual lens area. That way, you can put your finger over it if you have yet to apply blush and lipstick.

  • Razal

Popup Camera and Under Display Camera are different mechanism

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