The GSMA awards the OnePlus 7T Pro the Best Smartphone of 2019 title

Ro, 26 February 2020

Even though this year's MWC at Barcelona was cancelled, the GSM Association still announced its Global Mobile Awards in 8 main categories. The key category of Best Smartphone of 2019 was won by the OnePlus 7T Pro.

The GSMA has awarded the OnePlus 7T Pro as the best smartphone of 2019

This is what the 16 judges had to say about their choice:

This is virtually unsurpassable from a technology perspective, with class-leading processor speed, rapid charge times and excellent software. An all-round product at an accessible price point, the company should also be recognised for its impressively successful go to market strategy.

It seems that the jury was also particularly impressed by the price point of the handset and the company's overall market strategy.



Reader comments

Don't worry UFS 3.0 is quite recent, but eventually more than enough devices will have it, that's a logical evolution, same for the SD865, so you are almost guarantee to find a device that you want. There was a time where NFC wasn't on a big number...

Yeah, I've seen news here, but thanks anyway. Blacksharks never had NFC, so yeah, it's not an option. Telephoto and OIS are not a big deal, but for $400-500+ phones I think they are quite necessary :) UFS 3.0 - it's just a really big leap in storag...

There is no PM on this website so I contact you here, but there is a new phone with regular and pro variant which emerged and which fit quite well (through not perfectly) your requirements, those are the Blackshark 3 and Blackshark 3 Pro : https://...

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