The iPad Mini 5 stays true to its Apple heritage with horrendous repairability

Ivan, 03 April 2019

Apple doesn't want you to service its products at home. That's evident by the sheer difficulty of the task of opening up an Apple product.

Take the new Apple iPad Mini 5, which was torn down by iFixit - it got a repairability score of 2 out of 10 because of the huge amount of adhesive used to glue together the slate, because the battery is quite difficult to get to, and because you need to remove the home button in order to swap out the display.

Hey, at least all the screws can be undone by a single Phillips screwdriver.

Despite its unfriendliness to would-be repairers, the Apple iPad Mini 5 is quite a capable compact tablet. It's built on a successful platform with great software and great apps and packs some impressive hardware like the A12 Bionic chip found inside the newest crop of iPhones.



Reader comments

  • Univa

I love the Title Heading to this piece xD

  • Anonymous

ZTE best

  • Anonymous

But does it snap in half if you look at it funny like the ipad pro?

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