The Lenovo Legion Duel gaming phone launches in Europe at €1,000

Peter, 02 October 2020

The Lenovo Legion Duel has arrived in Europe. The gaming phone combines a Snapdragon 865+ chipset with a 144 Hz AMOLED display (6.65”, 1080p+) and a selfie camera that pops up from the side – this phone will be used mostly in horizontal orientation, of course.

The price is €1,000, though in some countries you can split that into four installments of €250. You can use the LEGIONEARLYBIRD promo code to get a Lenovo Smart Clock (typically €90) or a Lenovo Yoga ANC on-ear headphones (€150).

Lenovo Legion Duel now available in Europe with some early bird deals
Lenovo Legion Duel now available in Europe with some early bird deals

In some countries only one promo is available, thankfully it is the headphones, which are the better deal (and more fitting for a gaming phone to boot). Either way, the phone comes with 16 GB of RAM and 512 GB UFS 3.1 storage.

Note: the euro phones come with “only” 65 W fast charging, even though the 16/512 GB models are supposed to support 90 W charging.

The Legion Duel is expected to start shipping on October 15. The phone is supposed to launch in the Middle East, the Asia Pacific and Latin America as well, but we’re not seeing anything yet.

Source: France | Germany | Italy | Spain


Reader comments

  • Db
  • 14 May 2021
  • qW5

90 fps not working in my legion due 2 how I get 90 fps pubge

pubg runs on 90 fps on oneplus devices, so what are you talking about? also games like codm are supporting 120fps soon, so high refresh rate mobile games do exist and devices can support it. learn more about devices before clamming false facts.

it can't catch up, but it is an eye pleasing experience, it it needs time for your eye to get used to high refresh rate, after a while of using you will notice that 60Hz is choppy experience. all I say is from personal experience.

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