The WP7 Mango update may not be coming this month

16 September, 2011

If you are listening to the latest rumors about the imminent Windows Phone 7 Mango update release, then don't. Do not download any leaked ROMs either, nothing is official just yet.

Microsoft's Joe Belfiore reminded us that the Mango update has not been released yet and won’t be until the fall comes. He even put a link to enlighten those who don't know, when the fall is actually coming - on 23 September.

9/15 isn't mango day, that was another rumor, folks. We've been saying "fall"... it's not fall yet! Sep 15 22:10:28 via MetroTwit

So if you are eager to sweeten your WP7 smartphone with some Mango you'll have to wait a few more days. Any other way of updating your device rather than the official channels will block your gadget from the future updates.



Reader comments

  • purrungas

just got my update yesterday, my phone HTC Mozart unlocked, with Tmobile, top of the line update really needed it, this puts wp7 back in the race, matter of fact I think it is already up there with IOS and getting closer to Android,update went smooot...

  • Vishvesh India

Customer is king now If Company really can't understand the behavior of consumer and having no faith in us then only god can help Infect company has to lunch update in time if they really want some market share

  • Anonymous

don't get me wrong, i know about software development as i do it for a living. like i said, it's been RTM'ed for 2 months already. that means the software's ready. you have to realize MS mandated the hardware requirements (GPU, CPU, etc) for all WP7...