The new S-Pen can get stuck in the Galaxy Note7, Samsung responds

Kaloyan, 31 August, 2016

Another year, another Note, another S-Pen issue. Samsung made sure this year the Galaxy Note7 users can't insert the S-Pen backwards, and yet a new flaw seems to be plaguing some styluses.

As it turns out, the mechanical button on the S-Pen, which ejects the stylus from the silo, may stop clicking. And no clicking means no S-Pen ejection from within the Note. You can still get it out with a pin, or some hitting on the S-pen's hole, but once you start having problems with it, you may have to resort to doing this quite often.

There are already a few videos on YouTube showing the issue and it's clearly the S-Pen fault. Apparently, the clicking mechanism occasionally fails. Some suspect waterproofing failure as the issue began after water submerging, but there are other which hadn't exposed the S-Pen to water.

We got a tip from an employee working in the telecommunication industry that Samsung has acknowledged the presence of the problem and has issued instructions to front-office staff for handling the matter if a customer comes with a stuck S-Pen.

Upon successful removal of the S-Pen with a pin, the user will be logged for a new S-Pen replacement free of charge, probably a redesigned one. If easy removal is not possible, the device will be sent for service removal and will be issued a new S-Pen, too.

In the meantime, the company will also be advising the Note7 users not to push the S-Pen too hard in the silo after the click sound. We guess this is good advice for anyone, who doesn't want to unlock this potential flaw of their S-Pen.

Here are a few YouTube videos that we found to demonstrate the issue quite well.

We'll keep an eye on this story, and we'll inform you of any developments.

A hat tip to our anonymous tipster!


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  • AnonD-585984

The spen started to get stuck like shown in the video and just now the little cap the top of the clicker fell off and the pem is completely stuck inside

Read between the lines hurry done ppl hard earn money translate to they hurry done the phone no proper testing so u get a half done expensive products that we the consumer buy👈 tht could enough for u

  • pppp

wrong.. manufacturing cost of the note 7 costed not more than $250.. They sell it at a premium to capture the rich market.. then price falls as the euphoric feeling subsides