The next Moto Z will unsurprisingly be called Moto Z2

Vlad, 05 April 2017

Motorola's next flagship smartphone now has a name, courtesy of serial leakster @evleaks. The 2017 iteration will be called Moto Z2, surprising absolutely no one. When you look at Moto's lineup and see the newly announced G5, or the G4 from last year, or the E3... you instantly realize that its devices' branding is all about using one letter and one number. The former tells you what line a model is part of (and its price range), while the latter lets you know which generation of that series you're looking at. So, second-gen Moto Z ends up being Moto Z2. That all makes sense.

What doesn't is the Lenovo-owned brand's insistence of using superscript for the number part of its handsets' names, treating that digit as if it was an exponent. Quirky branding aside, there's an issue with the Moto Z2 at the moment: we know almost nothing about it.

All of the recent Motorola-related leaks have been about this year's reincarnation of the Moto X as an upper-midrange offering sitting just below the Z line in its portfolio. And the only pretty certain idea we have about the Z2 is that it will keep the modular system of its predecessor. At least that's what Lenovo was promising in 2016 - but then again, LG was also all into modularity last year and then forgot about it for the G6.



Reader comments

  • Rooke Stare
  • 23 Apr 2017
  • ygC


  • AnonD-254911
  • 08 Apr 2017
  • 42X

They should eliminate the "plus", "play" and "force" models and have one strong mid ranger and one flagship with best features. Please do not have exclusive hardware for Verizon!

  • IT
  • 08 Apr 2017
  • PA7

If you fans of old school design just buy sam or ip. Motorola is design for IT or engineer who need new tech. Hopefully z2 faster when we attach extended camera, abit slow on z

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