The Nokia 3310 is back, but it's not exactly a pretty sight

Victor, 26 February 2017

Just like the rumor-vine predicted, HMD didn't skip on the opportunity to ride the nostalgia wave and reincarnate the legendary Nokia 3310 for a second go on the 2017 mobile scene. We are sure opinions will be polarized on the EUR 49 feature-phone, but that definitely fits into the whole idea.

Whether you find it unsightly, or enjoy its colorful and playful looks, the new 3310 will definitely get fans talking, even if not necessarily buying. Again, as far as design goes, you will just have to judge for yourself. The new 3310 measure only 115.6 x 51 x 12.8 mm and is plastic all around. HMD claims it did the best it can to recreate the original 3310 rounded shape and silhouette. The rounded buttons on the retro keypad definitely hit home. However, the 2.4-inch QVGA display and the curved and polarized layer on top, do look a bit off. So do the buttons on the front.

Still, we have to say the four available color options: Warm Red (Glossy), Dark Blue (Matte), Yellow (Glossy), Grey (Matte), all seem to be so vibrant that they jump off the screen. Other specs on the retro wonder include an undisclosed processor and RAM configuration and 16MB of on-board storage. Mind you, a large portion of that will be taken up by the OS and apps, so you might want to fill up the microSD slot, capable of holding up to 32GB of storage.

Speaking of which, the 3310 is a featurephone and runs on the Nokia Series 30+ OS. HMD has also styled the UI with some throwbacks to the original. You do get an Opera browser out of the box, but you will have to limit your browsing to 2G speeds, since GSM 900/1800 MHz is all the 3310 supports No Wi-Fi. And if that's not enough of a retro blast for you, Snake is back! Well, it has been slightly updated and colored-in for 2017. But other than that, it is classic Snake.

Circling back to specs, since there are a few more to mention, there is a 3.5mm jack on the unit, oddly listed as an "AV connector". We presume it's a mistake, since we don't really see the new 3310 as being capable of outputting a video stream. Still you can connect a headset and listed to the FM radio or MP3. You can also be hip and use the Bluetooth 3.0 radio with SLAM support.

And according to HMD, you should be good for quite some time of music playback, up to 51 hours, to be exact. The removable 1200 mAh battery on the 3310 is also rated for up to 31 days of stand-by, 22 hours of talking and 39 hours of FM radio fun. Last, but not least, there is a 2MP camera on the back, with a single LED flash.

The retro-fueled 3310 is said to retail for EUR 49.


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Reader comments

  • ED

I dont want effing facebook if i buy this phone. Just have it as phone to call and text. u buy a smartphone if u want facebook and all the bells and whistles. 3310 is a legacy phone and is a good reminder of where we used to be before, Monochrom...

  • ED

In reply to anonymous.... you make a valid point but whats the point of making a phone in 2g band when its getting discontinued public access more and more in future.? Yes 3g has its reason for creation after we had 2g bandwith. But 2g bandwit...

  • Anonymous

The whole premise of not adding 3g is the battery life and assurance of signal coverage, besides, what would you need 3g for?, facebook on a monochrome screen?

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