The Pixel 8 Pro might employ Samsung's biggest ISOCELL sensor

Ro, 24 April 2023

The Google Pixel 8 series is still a couple of months away, but according to a renowned tipster of things Samsung-related, the 8 Pro may get a big main camera upgrade.

The Pixel 7 Pro might employ Samsung's biggest ISOCELL sensor

The report says the Pixel 8 Pro will use Samsung's biggest ISOCELL GN2 sensor, which is 1/1.12-inch in size and has 50MP native resolution, 12.5MP after binning. This makes for an effective pixel size of 2.8µm. That's a big upgrade over last year's Pixel 7 Pro that rolls with a 50MP, 1/1.31-inch sensor.

It looks as if many flagship models are moving toward 1-inch sensors, so it would make perfect sense for Google to upgrade the sensor size on its flagship cameraphone too. Still, Ice Universe didn't elaborate further, so we'll have to wait a bit longer for the full details.



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Xiaomi are currently testing Micro 4/3 sensors in prototype smartphones. Probably won't be in next year's Xiaomi 14 Ultra, but likely to be in the following Xiaomi 15 in 2025. Ps. APS-C sensors will also one day be in the top flagship ...

Metalens won't be in smartphones for a very long time, probably not in the next decade or more likely much longer. From article this year 2023 - There are still challenges to overcome: “expenses are still high because it is difficult to pr...

  • Samsung for life
  • 30 Jun 2023
  • uub

There are already many phones with imx 766 . And all of those phones are inferior to galaxy s23 camera (which is using gn3 ).

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