The realme GT is coming to India next month

Peter, 07 April 2021

The “Know your realmers” is a regular feature in the realme forums, which introduces key members of the company to its fans, it is essentially a Q&A session. The latest focuses Francis Wong, the Chief Marketing Officer for realme India and Europe.

“I wish I could tell you the device I am using, it is our next flagship and it will launch as part of our 3rd anniversary celebration. Just wait for it,” says Wong.

It’s not hard to guess which phone that is – it’s the realme GT 5G. The company’s other recent launch, the realme 8 Pro, is already available in India. Note that the Q&A session was posted in the Indian sub-forum, so this seems to specifically cover the launch in India.

The realme GT is coming to India next month

Which offers context for the second question – when? Realme launched in India in early May of 2018, add three years to that and we get that the GT will arrive next month. Whether or not the realme GT Neo follows is unclear (it was certified by BIS, so likely yes).

You can read the Know your realmers post for the rest of the Q&A. Wong mentions that the company will add new product categories to its portfolio this year (without mentioning which ones exactly). Realme already makes audio, wearables and smart home products in addition to its main business of smartphones.



Reader comments

Real me pricing higher. Looking for 30k OnePlus leftover Market. 4500mah is not so great and fast chargers kill battery life much faster. Real me becomes another stupiiid company very soon

  • MrDong
  • 08 Apr 2021
  • xZI

Q&A? Recent game features demonstration of the Narzo 30A in India actually found out that the whole PUBG Mobile gameplay was carried out with an iPhone after people noticed the Guided access feature. Not interesting

  • Woohoo
  • 08 Apr 2021
  • 7kk

maybe u can notice diff b/w 175 & 180g, but prly most ppl can't. Good 4 u. Btw what phone are u using now?

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