Samsung Galaxy Note10+ in for review, camera samples inside

Ivan, 18 August 2019

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note10+ - Samsung's fall flagship, its biggest screen phone so far and right now, its most important phone.

The Galaxy Note10+ is an amalgamation of Samsung's best assets - it comes with three incredible cameras, a record-breaking screen, and certainly the best phone with a stylus. It's the most complete smartphone experience Samsung can offer and here's why.

Whether you look at the Galaxy Note10+ from the front or the back, it's a gorgeous phone. The Aura Glow finish is a chameleon changing countless hues, depending on how the light hits it. And when you look at the front, you're greeted by a gorgeous 6.8-inch Dynamic AMOLED of 1440p resolution. It's a run-of-the-mill 60Hz refresh rate, but it is the best in terms of colors, brightness and contrast.

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ The Samsung Galaxy Note10+
The Samsung Galaxy Note10+

The Galaxy Note10+ retail package is rather generous. You get a 25W fast charger (although if you want to unlock its full charging speed you'd have to get the optional 45W charger separately. You also get a USB-C AKG earbuds and a bunch of accessories. The precious screen comes with a pre-applied plastic screen protector and let's also mention that the Galaxy Note10+ comes with 256GB as standard (with an option to go for 512GB and/or add a microSD card).

The notable absentee from the retail box is a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, which Samsung will offer separately.

The retail package and the new 25W charger The retail package and the new 25W charger
The retail package and the new 25W charger

Perhaps the biggest improvement of the Galaxy Note10+ over the Galaxy Note9 are the cameras. Both the front and the rear snappers are an upgrade. On the front there's a 10MP f/2.2 shooter with dual pixel autofocus and 4K video recording, embedded into the center of the screen.

On the rear you get the same 12MP f/1.5-2.4 main camera, a 12MP 2x telephoto camera with a slightly-brighter f/2.1 aperture and the new 16MP f/2.2 ultrawide camera from the Galaxy S10 series. That's the array shared with the smaller Galaxy Note10, while the larger Galaxy Note10+ also adds a 3D Time of Flight camera for accurate portrait mode blur and AR effects.

The new cameras The new cameras
The new cameras

Samsung appears to have improved its processing and color rendition. It's early to be passing any verdicts, but for now it appears that the HDR on the Galaxy Note10+ is a bit better than what S10 had, resulting in a wider dynamic range, while the sky appears more blue and less cyan (a prominent issue of Samsung phones of old).

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ in for review, plus camera samples

We shot a bunch of camera samples with all three of the Galaxy Note10+'s cameras. Arranged from ultrawide to telephoto, for your viewing pleasure.

Ultrawide, Regular (wide), Telephoto Ultrawide, Regular (wide), Telephoto Ultrawide, Regular (wide), Telephoto
Ultrawide, Regular (wide), Telephoto

We also decided to snap a quick comparison with the main shooter on the Google Pixel 3. Samsung's flagship shows a wider dynamic range and more pleasing colors.

Samsung Galaxy Note10+ vs Google Pixel 3 Samsung Galaxy Note10+ vs Google Pixel 3
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ vs Google Pixel 3

So there you have it - the Galaxy Note10, the most complete smartphone experience. It offers the best screen around, a great, premium design with water resistance and premium materials, a superb retail package, all the cameras you can think of, snappy performance and, for the first time, a selection of screen sizes. If you want a larger than life viewing experience, you have the Galaxy Note10+ and if you want a compact phone with an S Pen, now you have the Galaxy Note10 - we know we've always wanted a compact Galaxy Note.

We've started work on a full review of the Galaxy Note10+, which will come out next week, so stay tuned!


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  • Anonymous

The trees on the last image look like an oil painting on the Note. At which point do you just give up and make it that washed out? I'd love to see some RAW samples, but knowing GSMARENA we'll never get those.

Well i'm sensitive to the halos edges, very much. For a guy that owns Leica D-Lux, Fujifilm X-E3, the Samsung takes on details hurts my eyes lol. Theres a reason why i chose Huawei's camera on the first place.

I don't look at the halos so much as, what you said, actual detail, yet the samples clearly show that S10+ renders more detail, actual detail. P30P is harsh on the NR and as a result the stone walls are smeared into a uniform grey while S10+ retains ...