Not a joke: the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra may be real

We could get a cheaper Galaxy Z Fold6, or a Galaxy Z Fold6 Ultra, depending on the rumor of the day. Today, the rumor points to the latter.

A model name SM-F958 has surfaced in South Korea, sparking assumptions that it's the expected Ultra Z Fold device. The reasoning behind the assumptions has to do with Samsung nomenclature. You see, the Galaxy Z Fold5 is the SM-946, while the Galaxy Z Fold4 was the SM-936, leading us to expect that the Galaxy Z Fold6 will be the SM-956. The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the SM-928.

So given this logic, we're assuming that regular phones end on a 6, while Ultra's land on an 8.

Sadly this is all the information we have to go on now. The source of the report hypothesizes that the device could end up being a South Korea-only device, which we find hard to believe. Given Samsung's usual way of doing things, we'd expect the maker to ship any of its Ultra phones globally.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Z Fold6 alongside the Z Flip6 and the Galaxy Ring in July. Early renders suggest the Galaxy Z Fold6 could look very similar to the current model.


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Well consider your self lucky. Once you find the disk space is not enough or you can always use more because someone like me have to photography like crazy on every hollidays in every country i visited so a lot of disk space is must plus also a fa...

Well it can happens. If your break cables on your vired audio you also end with something you cant repair.

  • Anonymous

Oooo I'm excited for a Z6 Ultra, I'm def curious what differences will be in the ultra variant. Hopefully a much larger battery, ~5500mah hopefully and maybe an internal pen slot.