Hear the story of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 told by its designer

18 September 2017

Philippe Starck is a world-renowned designer who has worked on anything from luxury hotels to Steve Jobs’ yacht. In smartphone circles, he’s known as the man behind the Xiaomi Mi Mix – the phone that kicked off the bezel-less craze (Sharp has been making Aquos Crystals since 2014, but those never went viral like the Mix did).

Anyway, Starck also designed the sequel – Mi Mix 2. Listen to him and Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun talk about the Mix 2. Starck focuses on the creative inspirations, Jun prefers to talk about the tech side of things. What these two have in common is that both are born perfectionists – they focused on minute detail like removing a 0.1mm seam.

Starck and Jun compare the ceramic unibody of the phone to jade – a favored gem in the East. But these callbacks to tradition are balanced with an outlook towards the future, Xiaomi wants to lead the new design trends in the smartphone field.