The vivo X20 Plus will go on sale on October 28

Ivan, 23 October 2017

vivo will start selling the X20 Plus on October 28, around 1 month after the vivo X20 hit the shelves.

The phone can be pre-ordered now through vivo's website as well as various retailers like Tmall, Sunning and JD.

Some 400K people have registered interest in the vivo X20 Plus on JD's website.

The X20 Plus costs 3,498 CNY (around €449) - you can get the 64GB model in Black, Rose Gold and Gold.

As a refresher the vivo X20 Plus packs a 6.43-inch 1080x2160px 18:9 Super AMOLED screen, a Snapdragon 660 chipset, 4GB of RAM and a 12MP + 5MP dual camera on the back.

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Reader comments

Nope, same...BBK owns them all, calls the shots etc. Most of the Vivo, OnePlus, Oppo phones are the same, same manufacturer.

  • AnonD-621147

Vivo are their own company. Oppo is a different company altogether. Although body asthetics is similar between phones, Vivo actually makes phones for low end, middle and flagship tiers. Whereas oppo has only concentrated their efforts in the middle ...

  • AnonD-632062

What blatant false-advertising! The phone is nearly as bezel-less as the one showed on that image. Again this form of false advertising seems to be coming only from Chinese phones.

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