There won't be a Samsung Galaxy S22 FE, rumor says

Samsung's line of Fan Edition (FE) phones got its start with the Galaxy S20 FE, and then we saw the Galaxy S21 FE. Logically, you'd expect there to be a Galaxy S22 FE coming in the future, but according to a new rumor from "multiple sources" Samsung in fact won't release the S22 FE.

So it looks like the company might be ready to shelve its FE smartphones after just two years. This may not be well received by fans who wanted a more affordable option with a flagship chipset from the Korean company, and weren't willing to spend as much as the normal S series flagships now cost.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

Samsung has had problems releasing the Galaxy S21 FE, which came out almost a full year after the other members of the S21 family launched. At the time, rumors claimed this was due to the ongoing chip crisis. The S21 FE's position in the spotlight was quickly taken by the S22 line which was announced only a few weeks afterwards. Still, this isn't a good reason to stop releasing FE phones - it's just a reason to have them come out with less of a delay after the non-FE models.

If you're interested in the Galaxy S21 FE, which might now be the last ever FE handset, make sure you don't miss our in-depth review.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

To anyone saying FE made no sense, it made sense so people in other countries could get Snapdragon variants and avoid the blight that Exynos mostly is.

  • ali2020

samusng stopped making sense to me long time ago. a well priced FE it's all people need. I hope they keep selling the s22+ with a good discount towards the end of the year and when the s23+ is around.

The point is your buying a budget version literally before the new one comes out. So why go for it when all you need is $5 more for the next gen.