This year's iPhone XR to sport telephoto lens

Ro, 27 April 2019

A report coming from a Chinese supply chain claims that the successor of the iPhone XR will borrow one of iPhone XS and XS Max key features - the 2x optical zoom.

Unfortunately, there's not a lot of info regarding the camera setup but it's believed that there won't be any major upgrades. It will still be a 2x optical zoom achieved by a dual-camera module and will most likely be the same as on the current iPhone XS and XS Max - 12MP primary camera paired with a 12MP telephoto lens.

It only makes sense as Apple will re-use the already available sensors in stock to keep the costs as low as possible. But there will be a significant upgrade to the front-facing camera, though. The current 7MP sensor will be swapped out for a 12MP unit.

Of course, nothing is solid as there's still a long way to go until the next generation of iPhones is released, but it sounds pretty plausible. And the report comes from a fairly reliable source too.



Reader comments

i have minimal knowledge of what you guys are talking about, all i know is i dont like iphones. not because its expensive but because of ios.

I think he's referring to people that set their phone to low brightness (to save battery). I do it myself even on an LCD phone even if it doesn't use much power on high brightness compared to OLED. Otherwise, high-brightness users would be well aware...

True. Still, is it odd that I can tell the difference? On my XR, it looks like it's lacking detail but on my dad's X, it feels more in the middle between 720p and 1080p

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