Phew: The notch photos of the Mi Mix 2s are fake

Peter, 09 November 2017

So, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2s from yesterday is most likely a fake – a fake made with the XOutOf10 app, which allows common Android users experience the notch life that iPhone X owners live. Here, we took a couple of shots of the Mi Mix 2 we have in the office with the app running:

Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with a faux screen notch Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with a faux screen notch
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 with a faux screen notch

Now, certain Android makers were quick to abandon the 3.5mm headphone jack once rumors started circling that Apple will do just that. So we have little doubt that eventually someone, maybe not Xiaomi but someone, will make a phone with a notch.


Reader comments

  • Anonymous

May be x y z company makes some feature first - nobody cares about that when apple make that same feature full market follow them. Samsung s8(my current phone) have buggy face id - so nobody actually cares about its this feature - but apples face...

  • anon

Apple is the one to copy Androids smart lock and changed the name to face ID. Android has had smart lock for a long time any version of android above 4.4 has facial recognition and apple has only just came up with it. who copied who now. ;D

  • Anonymous

Android top manufacturers have a problem now. They want to copy iPhone's Face ID, but can't copy notch, which, thanks to haters insults, have actually given the look to Apple as its own iconic design. The only conclusion? If flagship Android dev...

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