Threads expands mute filters to cover timeline, search, and profiles

Prasad, 26 April 2024

Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram, announced on Threads that the company is expanding its mute filters to apply to more parts of the app than before.

Called Hidden Words, the feature had so far applied only to posts directed towards to you, so you could only mute certain words or phrases from appearing in your replies. Starting today, the feature has been expanded to your timeline, search, profiles, and replies you see under other posts.

Threads expands mute filters to cover timeline, search, and profiles

Hidden Words is simply just a mute filter. Add a word, phrase, or even an emoji to the list, and the app will hide any post containing those from your gaze. Apart from letting you manage a custom list, the app also automatically filters out posts with certain words, although you can disable this behavior from the settings.

Mosseri also revealed that the company is working on further moderation tools. Users would soon be able to select who can quote them, which could go a long way in reducing unwanted attention and harassment. You would also be able to mute notifications on your posts, so that you can still continue to get other notifications except for those from the posts you select.

The expanded Hidden Words feature is now live for all users. The other features are in testing and may only be accessible to select users for now.



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forgot this app existed

How it's #1 in the app store yet nobody's using it?

Don't call it X. Just call it Twitter.

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