Three new Xiaomi smartphones get certified at 3C

Yordan, 14 December 2018

Three new Xiaomi phones were just certified by China’s Compulsory Certificate (3C) and it looks like the Redmi 7 series is incoming.

Phones with model numbers M1901F7C, M1901F7E, and M1901F7T are approved with 5V/2A charging, meaning the basic 10W charge standard is for basic devices, such as the Redmi phones.

Since the model numbers begin with M19, we are likely to see actual Redmi smartphones as early as 2019, given all current-year models’ nicknames begin with M18.

Xiaomi is yet to introduce the Redmi Note 6 Pro smartphone to its market and it appears it will skip entirely the variant before going to the next generation of Redmi phones.



Reader comments

so I will still stick to micro USB until there is a real standard USB-C I don't mind slower charging speed, fast charging will hurt battery somehow... and if you can't stick it in one way, definitely you will reverse it and stick it the other way ...

I see few things wrong with it, slower charging, old accessories, hit and miss plugging. USB c is a mess as each manufacturer inteoduced their own solution to charging, instead of setting up a standard.

  • sage
  • 17 Dec 2018
  • LLe

M1901F7C, M1901F7E, and M1901F7T are all regional/carrier variants of the same phone. They are not 3 different phones.

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