T-Mobile US slashes all upfront phone prices to $0, iPhone 5, too

26 July, 2013

T-Mobile has dropped the upfront cost of all phones available in the carrier's stores to $0, including flagships like the Apple iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S4, Sony Xperia Z and Nokia Lumia 925.

There's a catch though – you still have to pay for the phone, you just do it in monthly installments on top of your regular monthly payments. Starting tomorrow, customers can grab a new phone on T-Mobile's Simple Choice Plan (starts at $50 for unlimited talk and text plus 500MB high-speed data).

Here's a table that shows the monthly payments for some of the most popular devices. We've added a third column, which is the total cost of the device over 24 months (which T-Mobile conveniently neglected).

Device Down Payment Monthly Payments
24 equal monthly payments for
0% APR on approved credit
Total for 24 months
Samsung Galaxy S® 4 $0 $25 $600
Samsung Galaxy Note® II $0 $27 $648
Samsung Galaxy S® III $0 $22 $528
Xperia® Z from Sony $0 $25 $600
iPhone 5 16GB only
$0 $27 $648
Nokia Lumia 925 $0 $20 $480
Nokia Lumia 521 $0 $5 $120
BlackBerry® Q10 $0 $25 $600
HTC One® $0 $25 $600
Samsung Galaxy Tab(TM) 2 10.1 $0 $20 $480

Note that this is a limited time offer and T-Mobile didn’t say when it ends. You can also sign up for the JUMP! upgrade program that costs $10 a month and adds insurance and the option to sign a new contract (and get a new phone) every six months. It's similar AT&T Next (which goes live today) and Verizon's Edge.

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With T-Mobile, you still have to pay the full sales tax up front. On a $680 product like the Galaxy Note II, in San Francisco, that is additional $57.80 you must pay before you can walk out the door with your no upfront cost phone.

  • TAi

doesnt count if you have a deposit

  • z

there are no free lunches.