TomTom releases navigation app on Huawei AppGallery

Yordan, 03 September 2020

When US companies were ordered to stop working with Huawei, one of the apps that were dearly missed was Google Maps with its effortless navigation and mapping solutions. Today, the Chinese smartphone company finally has a viable alternative - TomTom released its own navigation app on Huawei AppGallery.

TomTom Go TomTom Go TomTom Go
TomTom GO Navigation app

It will be free for the first 30 days but then you have to pay either €1.99/month or €12.99/year if you want to continue using it after that.

TomTom signed a deal with Huawei back in January, and after a conversation with Huawei representatives, they confirmed the Dutch location technology company is working mainly on location and mapping tools and services.

It wasn’t ready to provide an alternative to Google Maps in time for the March release of Huawei P40 family but it was clear both companies were working hard to offer a more personalized experience for non-GMS phones.

TomTom Go TomTom Go TomTom Go
TomTom GO Navigation app

Starting the application for the first time requires downloading some maps for offline use. It also allows you to add Home and Work addresses, as well as other points of interest - something Google Maps cannot do on Huawei smartphones without GMS.

While TomTom Go does not bring integration with public services like mass transport or personalized recommendations for various activities, it has a more detailed map for navigation and is the often a better way to get yourself from Point A to Point B.


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How to install applications in Huawei p40 lite aea if it doesn't have google store?

Download aptoide mate

Lol I said phones that came out after the p30 pro doesnt have it. Read my comment again. I didn't say the p30 Pro doesn't have the google app store. The p40 for example came out after the p30 and it doesn't have it. Read comments caref...

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