Top 10 trending phones of week 23

The Galaxy A55 topped our trending chart once again in week 23, and this time around it's another Samsung phone to rank second - the Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Samsung Galaxy A55

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The podium is completed by the Redmi Note 13 Pro, while newly announced Redmi 13 ranked fourth.

The Galaxy A15 claimed fifth as Redmi Note 13 is up to sixth. Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max is now up to the seventh position.

The Infinix GT 20 Pro is down to eight and seemingly headed in the other direction and so is the Poco F6 in ninth.

The Poco F6 Pro is out of the top 10 altogether, allowing the Galaxy A35 to return and claim the final spot. vivo S19 Pro is the other member of last week's lineup to miss out.

The Galaxy A55 is seemingly in cruising mode now and we have to wonder who will be the phone to knock it off the top. Stick with us to find out!

Reader comments

In the U S, It wouldn't surprise me if the "Supreme' Court were to require us to buy new phones at least annually.

  • Dom

Yeah I really hate that because it sort of implies that last year’s phone isn’t good anymore, and that’s a really bad mindset to have when ewaste is becoming a huge problem. The fact that excluding the unreleased iPhone 16 pro max, the most popular p...

  • Anonymous

Happy that e waste is the most popular phone this week? ...