Top 10 trending phones of week 37

Chip, 15 September 2019

You don't need to look further than our trending chart to know what the event of the past week was. Apple introduced its latest smartphone trio - the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max and it got everybody talking about it.

The largest and most premium of the new phones leads from the compact 11 Pro with the vanilla 11 capturing third.

The Redmi 8 Pro had to settle for fourth, while the Galaxy A50 managed to climb two spots to capture fifth.

Nokia 7.2 is down to sixth, while the Galaxy A90 5G took seventh after another strong week.

Sony Xperia 5 slips to eight, ahead of the returning Galaxy Note10+. The final spot goes to another phone returning to the top 10.

Samsung Galaxy M30s and Xiaomi Redni Note 8 are the two members of last week's top 10 to miss out this time around. We've little doubt that we'll be seeing both of them again round these parts though.

Apple iPhone 11

WAS: 6

specs gallery

Nokia 7.2

WAS: 2

specs review

Sony Xperia 5


specs review

Xiaomi Mi A3

RANK: 10

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Reader comments

  • Gunawan

Still waiting samsung galaxy M30s

Next gen is A51 for next year .....

  • Firefox

Samsung A50 became Toyota Corolla equivalent of mobile industry. Hope Samsung will continue this success with next upgrade.