Top 10 trending phones of week 38

Chip, 26 September 2022

Week 38 still saw one of Apple's latest smartphones on top of our trending chart. The iPhone 14 Pro Max is still a runaway leader, but its stablemates have all lost ground with the iPhone 14 Pro losing the second spot to the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

The first more solid rumors about the OnePlus 11 Pro sparked enough interest to put the still unofficial phone in fourth, ahead of the returning Galaxy S21 FE.

We then have the Galaxy A53 in sixth to make it three Samsung phones in the top 10. The vanilla iPhone 14 is down to seventh, while the 14 Plus is out of the top 10 entirely.

However the iPhone 13 Pro Max and the vanilla iPhone 13 are still clinging to the final two spots. Xiaomi's solitary representative - the Redmi Note 11 is just ahead of them.

See you next week!

OnePlus 11 Pro


specs gallery

Apple iPhone 14

WAS: 3

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Apple iPhone 13

RANK: 10
WAS: 10

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Reader comments

its been 6 years and the batteries are exploding again, not to mention all the negatives of owning a modern Samsung device. pixel definitely provides a nicer and cleaner user experience, there is no doubt

friendly? maybe boring and buggy? most definitely

Those who hate on samsung are stuck in the past when it was trendy to do so. Now that Sammy is actually THE best android phone maker, the haters look even more pathetic.

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