Top 10 trending phones of week 42

Chip, 22 October 2023

Much like last week we have a Samsung phone topping our trending chart only it's the Galaxy S23 Ultra, which despite being almost 9 months old now ended up as the most popular phone in our database.

Behind it is an even older phone - the Galaxy S21 FE was prominently featured in several sales events and people were clearly looking for a refresher on its specs. Then there's the ever popular Galaxy A54 to complete an all-Samsung podium.

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro Max rose to fourth and pushed the Galaxy S23 FE all the way down to fifth.

Redmi Note 12 leads the Google Pixel 8 Pro in sixth and seventh, followed by three more Xiaomi phones. The 13T is in eight, the Redmi 12 is ninth and the Redmi Note 12 Pro completes this edition of the chart. The 13T Pro is the one member from last week's edition to drop out!

See you next week!

Xiaomi 13T

WAS: 6

specs review

Xiaomi Redmi 12

WAS: 10

specs review


Reader comments

That's probably what they'll do tbh, but they might also lower the years of support,was incentive if they aren't making as much money from it.

Tone the display to 90hz and use sliightly worse camera modules and there. And you can also underclock the G3. You can slightly overclock the G2 though,

My worry is that there won't be enough to differentiate the 8a from the 8 or 8 pro. They need something to keep people buying their more expensive phone

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