Top 10 trending phones of week 50

Peter, 13 December, 2015

This year is coming to a close and the chart of the Top 10 has mostly settled in. It seems like the Samsung Galaxy J series will most likely go down as the most popular lineup on our site in the end of 2015.

Recently, the Samsung Galaxy J7 has been in the #1 spot more often than not and its posse, Galaxy J5 and Galaxy J2, are right behind it. This week even the baby brother, the Galaxy J1 made it into the list at #10 (this one has difficulty hanging on though).

You can at least count on one of the young brands coming out from China to break up the monotony, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 takes on that role this week (last week too). It displaced the Redmi Note 2, which fell off the Top 10.

Apple maintains a presence in this ranking too, with the iPhone 6s, though it could never flood the charts with models like Samsung does.

Apple iPhone 6s

WAS: 10

specs review


Reader comments

  • arnab
  • 15 Dec 2015
  • 9Fx

proud to have j7. samsung allwes rockz. haters get lost. . i

  • jin kazama
  • 15 Dec 2015
  • YM4

8 samsung phones in the Top 10 list...the biggest joke so far in 2015.

  • AnonD-463876
  • 14 Dec 2015
  • Q}4

"Sales for the iPhone in China were up by 120% in the last quarter. Apple gave credit to this growth to the buyers in China who are buying iPhones for the first time. Apple claimed that 50% of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus buyers in the last quarter...

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