Top 10 trending phones of week 6

George, 14 February, 2016

Not much has happened this week in our traditional Top 10 trending chart, at least in the top half, that is. Positions 1 to 6 have stood still, and the chart-toppers have been the same for while now, save for Vibe K4 Note's brief two-week stint in number 1.

So the list goes like this. The Galaxy J7 rules again, followed by its usual sidekick - the J5. The K4 Note we mentioned completes the podium.

Samsung's soon-to-be-replaced flagship Galaxy S6 sits in 4th, Galaxy J2 rests in fifth and long-time champion Grand Prime now long past its prime is still in 6th. The iPhone 5s is the only Apple smartphone in this edition, and it too keeps its 8th spot from last week.

What about 7th, we hear you ask. Well, it's one of the new entries, and that's the Galaxy A5 (2016). The older model has also made the chart, in 10th, and the two combined have scored more hits than the J5 in 2nd, but it doesn't quite work like that. The third new entry, at 9th, is the Oppo F1, the company's reasonably priced offering that aims to look like its premium bros.

Apple iPhone 5s

WAS: 8

specs review

Oppo F1


specs review

Samsung Galaxy A5

RANK: 10

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Reader comments

  • AnonD-77892

sorry for repost 5x LOL...I'm not that lazy, I had just a bad signal but now its been okey just now xD btw the golden time on GSMArena is, when grand prime demote in this chart at least once xD

  • AnonD-77892

it's too late now to say sorry ?

  • Anonymous

damn! my J7 is back to where it should be!

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