Top 10 trending phones of week 9

Chip, 08 March 2021

The Redmi Note 10 was the name on everyone's lips this week with the newly launched lineup taking our trending chart by storm.

We have the top dog for the Indian market - Redmi Note 10 Pro Max - on top, while its global twin confusingly called Note 10 Pro is third. Then there's the Redmi Note 10 in fourth and the 10 5G in eight.

In second we have a phone that's yet to even get a launch date - the upcoming Poco F3. Last week's leader, the Redmi K40 Pro+ is all the way down in fifth, while the highest placed non-Xiaomi phone is the Samsung Galaxy A32 in sixth.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra follows, while the third Samsung phone is the Galaxy A12 in ninth. The Redmi K40 completes the Xiaomi-dominated top 10.

The Samsung Galaxy F62 was the highest ranked member of last week's top 10 to drop out, failing to make the cut from second place. Xiaomi Mi 11 also misses out, along with Galaxy M62, Poco M3 and Redmi K40 Pro.

Xiaomi Poco F3


specs gallery

Xiaomi Redmi K40

RANK: 10
WAS: 7

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Reader comments

Week 9 trending phones are madness. XD

  • Anonymous

cant wait to see A52 do the same thing like A51 last year if possible lol rip A51

  • KwantowyYebaka

people do not have money simple

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