Toshiba Excite 10 AT305

Toshiba Excite 10 AT305

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  • Anonymous

Geek, 24 Mar 2013Can this be upgraded to Jelly Bean v4.2? :3Toshiba as a company provides the absolute worst upgrade support of any of the tablet manufacturers.

I have received ZERO firmware updates/upgrades for this tables. My son's Asus, which I purchased within about 2 months of the Toshiba, has gotten at least five.

DON'T buy Toshiba tablets until they change their upgrade/support policies (see my previous comment on the problem with charging the tablet).

  • Anonymous

mark, 20 Nov 2014i cannot charge this tablet with usb cable.. i dont know ho... moreI really hate this tablet for several reasons. I have the same problem that you have with the tablet not charging. For awhile it would only charge with the connector in one position (the side of the connector with the "Toshiba" printed on it had to be on the same side as the screen!). I've had to deal with that for the past 6 months. But then a couple weeks ago I had to start to "play" with the connector inserted in the tablet for it to charge.

For the past few days I haven't been able to get it to charge at all! Obvious to me, it's either a problem with the connector on the cable or the connector in the tablet.

Not so obvious to Toshiba Service I guess, as they've suggested that it may be the power supply that connects to the USB end of the cable that's faulty. Saying that after I told them that the tablet won't charge when I connect the cable into the USB port on my computer.

Would it be inappropriate to say they're idiots?

  • Anonymous

joy, 12 Oct 2013how to insert zim card lol zim

  • mark

i cannot charge this tablet with usb cable.. i dont know how could i purchase its main charger (at the bottom? the dock? )
what else unit does this tablet is same with its charger type? :D

  • joy

how to insert zim card

  • ukav

I have the Toshiba At300 not at305 mine has a sim card slot.and it says Toshiba regza.I insert the sim card slot and it doesn't seem to detect it.

  • rathod gopal

its phone is very smart phone really,,, gusyyss,,,

  • summa

the 2g and 3g support is provided in this model and it is thro dongle or sim

  • Anonymous

super mobile

  • jaish

The display resolution and the overall look is very stylish but the Only drawback is that it doesnt support 2g or 3g. In next gen tablet i hope toshiba will win the war.

  • Anonymous

Can i connect USB modem to go through internet?

  • Anonymous

touchscreen IPS ?

  • Anonymous

I'm Lovin It

  • Anonymous

Just bought this . Cheers for all . Wait till I open it

  • AnonD-128702

This is really a very nice tablet.
- very good build quality
- The display is great
- Fast and reliable
- supports USB on the go OTG, which is agreat feature to enable cnnecting USB memory sticks, keyboards, mouse, ..etc (you need to buy a micro USB/female USB adaptor).
- Android 4.0 (ICS) is upgradable to 4.1.1 (J Bean) on first use if you are connected to internet access (non-US).

  • Geek

Can this be upgraded to Jelly Bean v4.2? :3

  • KillOne

The Battery is almost 5000mAh, but I'm not sure

  • Poptart

I own a Toshiba Excite 10, and I have to say this is one of the best tablets I have owned so far. The battery life is very good, lasting a few days of occasional use, (Much better than the samsung galaxy tabs) and the performance of the Tegra 3 processor is exteremly fast.Build quality is top notch.(Hell its on par with the tablets from the fruit corporation.) For anyone who is looking for their first tablet, or is looking for their next tablet, this is one you should consider.

  • jo

AnonD-43300, 29 Jan 2013Hows The Battery ? Is It Good ? And How Much It Lasts ? ... moreNon-removable Li-Po battery (25 Wh)
Stand-by Up to 168 h
Talk time Up to 10 h

  • AnonD-43300

Hows The Battery ?
Is It Good ?
And How Much It Lasts ?
Please I Need A fast Reply :)
Thanks For Help Users