Toshiba Excite Pure

Toshiba Excite Pure

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1.3MP camera and 128x96 video recording?! No. NO!

  • kennedy

mine just broke it's touch any replacement available, need immediate reply pls

  • AnonD-345047

I really loved this tablet. But it's such a shame Toshiba stopped updating it (straight after they released it). It only goes up to Android 4.2 (not even 4.3)

The problem is they should have at least done a proper update making this tablet go up-to Andorid 4.4 for the following 2 reasons;

1) Chomecast only supports full wireless screen sharing on Android 4.4 and above

2) Android full Immersive mode only is available on 4.4 devices and above. This may not seem like a bit issue but the problem is all new apps will be made for immersive mode

All it would have taken is for Toshiba to have done one update which is not the biggest type of update (As 4.2 is similar to 4.4) and then their tablets would still be top contenders in the market today.

Seems they gave up too easily and by this one error they have made such a good tablet be of little use for those wanting to use chromecast (full wireless screen casting)

  • jrgranadost

Where ir how can I get android 4.3 con muy excite pure? Thanks GSMARENA TEAM.

  • birdy

looking good compare to the price